Pedicure in the comfort of your home, 24/7

Full Pedicure £34

60 min

File and shape, callus removal, base coat, polish and top coat.

Gel Pedicure £44

60 min

A gel pedi is a full pedicure with gel polish (Shellac, OPI, CND and other leading brands).

Mini Pedicure £27

25 min

File and shape, cuticle removal, base coat, polish and top coat.

Foot Massage (add on) £9

10 min

Add on to any pedicure for an even more relaxing treatment.

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What Our Users Are Saying

“Best pedicure I ever had, my feet are as gentle as a baby’s feet.”


“I really enjoyed my gel Pedicure, was the perfect way to relax on a Saturday afternoon.”


“So friendly, punctual, professional and skilled. My horrific nails now look beautiful. Thank you!”


What are the benefits of a mobile pedicure?

A pedicure is a relaxing but also embellishing treatment of your feet as well as toenails. It can be booked alongside a manicure or as a stand-alone service. Well-groomed feet enable both men and women to feel confident about themselves – in the privacy of the home, or when out and about in the warmer months of the year.

Even better than a pedicure near me, a mobile pedicure comes all the way to the customer. Experienced beauticians come to your doorstep – so there is no need to travel to the salon or waste any extra time for traffic, for parking, or for delays of any kind. Best of all, there is no need to put shoes on either, before or after, thus ensuring that your fresh pedi stays perfect!

What is included in the Missbeez mobile pedicure package?

A large number of treatments are available, from a mini-pedicure that focuses mostly on the toes between regular pedicures, to a full-on service with added foot massage. A feeling of total relaxation is immediate. First, feet are soaked in a warm bath. Special care is then given to the soles of the feet, as they are exfoliated with a pumice stone or foot file to remove dead skin cells. After a moisturising lotion is massaged into the feet and ankles, comes the time to prep the nails. The cuticles are removed, as are all traces of existing nail polish – the nails are clipped and filed to the desired shape and length. Finally, they are glammed-up with polish or gel of any chosen colour. A 10 minute-long foot massage can be added to any pedicure appointment, for that extra pampering.

The benefits of a pedicure near me go beyond saving mere energy, it also eases the mind and allows extra breathing space. A mobile pedicure does away with any form of travelling, freeing up time in all sorts of small but meaningful ways. For example, it suppresses the need to put shoes back on, and therefore wait extra time at the salon to avoid the risk of ruining the freshly applied polish. If the treatment is done in the cosiness of the home, one can simply continue relaxing by reading a book, or watching television. Mothers can even rock their baby to sleep while the mobile beautician looks after your toes. Or for expectant mothers who can no longer see their toes, Missbeez can provide the perfect, relaxing treat.

For the time-conscious professionals, beauty therapists can also be booked at the office. This is efficient scheduling at its highest. A foot treatment keeps the hands free, which makes it a fantastic option for multi-tasking. It can either offer a mindful moment between meetings to switch off and recharge; or be seen as the ultimate time-saving solution, as it keeps the possibility to place a call or work on a laptop, minimising interruptions to the work flow.