Massage therapists to your home or office 24/7

Deep Tissue

60, 90, 120 min

Perfect for pain relief and restoration of movement.

Classic £65- £90

60, 90, 120 min

Our most popular treatment!

Calming £65- £90

60, 90, 120 min

Ideal for eliminating stress and tension.

Aromatherapy £65-£90

60, 90, 120 min

Essential oils are used to promote healing and relaxation.

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What Our Users Are Saying

“Amazing! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a massage this good. None of that cosmetic, froufrou stuff..this is proper, real massage therapy.”


“This was my first home visit and I’ll definitely do it again and will be recommending the service to everyone I know.”


“Wonderful afternoon massage! Feeling very relaxed or the rest of the day.”


How Would You Like a Massage that Comes to You?

We’ve probably all dreamed of the perfect massage, which offers relaxation, pain relief or pure enjoyment. But just imagine if that massage came to you! A mobile massage is the ideal treatment that comes right to your door with a trained and experienced professional, at your service. You can now enjoy all the benefits of a massage in the comfort and privacy of your own home or conveniently at your office.

Missbeez has an outstanding team of massage therapists who are there for you. We understand how busy you are and how hard it can be to find the time to do something for yourself. Even finding the right place for massages near me can be challenging and we certainly understand that it can be almost impossible to travel far for just the right therapist. We have just the solution with our mobile massage therapist team, who come to right to you!

Now there is no more need to take time out of your work day or to travel at night in your free time. You don’t need to find a babysitter, drive long distances or find parking. We bring the perfect beauty salon to you! With a few swipes and taps on our app, you can be on your way to just the massage you have always wanted and needed.

What Can You Expect From Your Mobile Massage?

Your mobile massage therapist will provide a full service, that is uniquely tailored to you. You get a great choice of options so you can choose the massage experience that best suits you. From Swedish massage to deep tissue massage, aromatherapy to pregnancy and post-pregnancy massage, we have a huge list of massage types available.

Our pros know just the spot when they make use of essential oils for stress relief and relaxation, massages for overall well-being, more rigorous massages to relieve physical and emotional stress or luxurious massages to stimulate blood flow. In addition, reflexology that focuses on the soles of the feet, and cupping to help treat pain and stimulate blood flow are also popular options.

How Can You Get Started?

Well, now that you know that you want to book a mobile massage therapist, how do you go about doing that? It’s as simple as can be with the Missbeez app. You pick your preferred time and location and we will send you offers from our available Pros. You then get to read up on each therapist, including reviews from our past happy customers, before you choose the mobile massage therapist for you. We offer treatments at any hour of the day or night because we understand how valuable your time is! As soon as we set you up with a therapist, you are ready!