Manicure to your home or office 24/7

Gel Manicure £34

60 min

A gel mani is a full manicure with gel polish (Shellac, OPI, CND and other leading brands).

Full Manicure £25

30 min

File and shape, cuticle removal, base coat, polish and top coat.

Express Manicure £15

15 min

File and shape, base coat, polish and top coat.

Acrylic Nail Extensions £40

75 min

Length added to your nail using acrylic tip, shaped per your request, filed, buffed, powered applied to strength nail and polish.

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What Our Users Are Saying

“It’s great app! Easy to use and I manage to get last minute appointments — something that wouldn’t be possible in a salon.”


“If it weren’t for Missbeez I would never have my nails done on maternity leave. Now I can easily get it while I’m breastfeeding.”


“Fantastic manicure and pedicure for me and 2 friends, great attention to details……”


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Fantastic manicure and pedicure for me and 2 friends, great attention to details and [the Missbeez Pro was] totally un-phased by 3 babies around! Very friendly and professional!

What’s Inside Your Mobile Mani Package

A manicure is a cosmetic treatment performed on the hands and fingernails as a means to rejuvenate, elevate, and enhance the appearance, feeling, and beauty of the hands and fingers through a series of beautifying steps.

A manicure can also be a simple touch-up to your nail design, colour or just a relaxing hand massage. From the shaping and cleaning of the nails to soaking and massaging of the hands, there a variety of manicures. For some, it can be as simple as painting and choosing the design of their nails to match the evening’s outfit.

Manicures can help make you feel confident, or just prepared for an important meeting. The Missbeez app helps you save time and frustrations, especially on those days the only thing I want is a manicure near me. When juggling work, family, kids, running to the gym and countless other errands, you do not have time to travel and wait at the salon, so every minute counts.

Sometimes when looking for a manicure near me, it helps to look beyond traditional brick and mortars. Life is busy, you juggle so many responsibilities, always feel like you don’t have enough time and constantly on the move – Your personal services should be too. Since getting to your favourite salon on the other side of town cannot fit into your schedule, Missbeez brings the salon to your doorstep. Find your favourite Manicurist, book your appointment in just a few taps in the app and start planning your relaxing evening with the time you save on going to the salon.

You’ve Booked Your Mobile Mani, Now What?

After you have downloaded the Missbeez app and booked your professional, there is only one thing left to do. Kick back and wait for your Beauty Pro to ring the doorbell. Sometimes, life is so busy that we never even get the chance to enjoy a real manicure from a professional. There’s so much to a wonderful manicure, and there are also so many variations and services that come along with a manicure. Let’s go over a basic packages provided by most nail technicians, also known as Manicurists.

Most will start with a striping of the old worn layers and colours before moving to the shaping part. Here you’ll decide what nail shape you want, whether you want almonds over ovals, or edges over tips, the combinations are unique. If you do not have a preference, your manicurist will generally be able to give a great recommendation based on your size, shape, and style. If your nails are not properly shaped, you could run the risk of having them annoyingly chip and break off.

Once your cuticles are done, your mobile stylist will finish preparing your manicure by filing your nails. You can add on a hand massage for an amazing hand and wrist massage that uses techniques from reflexology to send your hands into their own personal utopia. It truly is divine!

After these steps are completed, it is time to polish the nail before having to make the tremendously tough decision of what colour to paint your nails. Is there a design you have in mind? Have you considered textured nail polish to create a 3D effect? If you are not really into vibrant colours and