Hair Styling

Hair styling to your home or office 24/7


15-30 min

 Dry and blowout for short to long or curly hair. You can also add on a braid

Hair cut

30-60 min

Freshen up your  style with a new haircut. You can also add on a blowout

Full Color & Highlights 

1-3 hours

Full colour or highlights for short or long hair

Brazilian Straightening £120-160

2-4 hours

Hair Straightening – lasts about 3 months. 

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To your doorstep 24/7

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Hair Styling


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What Our Users Are Saying

“My blowout was perfect! I have difficult hair but the Pro knew how to handle it. Thank you!”


“Absolutely lovely! You gave me the best blow dry I have had in ages! Also dealt with my post-pregnancy sticking up hairs very well!”


“Better than salon quality in the comfort of my home, so beyond happy and I can’t wait to book again.”


Why a mobile hairdresser?

You spend hours at the salon, just to have your hair ruined by the rain as soon as you step outside. You only have time for the salon after working hours and once the doors have closed. Your favorite salon doesn’t have time to squeeze you in. If any of the above is familiar to you, you will understand the benefits of finding a mobile hairdresser near me. Through the Missbeez app , you order a mobile hairdresser to your home or office, any time of the day, any day of the week. Whether you have an important work event or an exciting date for which you want to look and feel good, a professional hair stylist comes to your doorstep, so you don’t have to commute, wait in line, and then commute back.

What are the services available?

From a simple trim to a full-on cut and colour, Missbeez’s hair professionals offer all the services  available at brick-and-mortar salons, for half of the time. Imagine how many hours you will save, since you no longer have to travel to the salon every time you need your roots touched up. Bespoke hairstyles are another option, whether you require a classy last-minute up-do for a client meeting or wish to add a cool braid to your hair for the weekend. If you are tired of blow drying every other day, you can select a Brazilian straightening that will last about three months. This semi-permanent method seals a liquid keratin into the hair to eliminate frizz in a durable way, so you don’t have to worry about spending time on your hairdo every morning. Classic curling irons and straighteners are also part of the Missbeez offer, for more temporary waves and curls, or for a sleek party look, while a nourishing fifteen minutes mask application can be booked to revive hair after these indulgences. And for those who cannot live without colour, mobile hair stylists can also do your full colour, as well as highlights, independently or alongside your haircut.

All of these services are delivered to you in the comforts of your home, so your mind is freed from practical considerations such as driving, parking or waiting for the bus. Mobile hairdressers near me do away with the need to worry about timing, as you no longer have to calculate how long it will take you to get to your appointment, how much time you will waste if the client before you are taking longer than anticipated, or how many minutes you have left before the baby-sitter has to leave. With a mobile hair stylist at home, you can baby-sit your own children while your hair is being looked after and supervise their homework.

And busy men will appreciate the services too. They can book their monthly cut online and have a mobile hairdresser come to them, avoiding a time-consuming visit to the barber.