Facials to your home or office 24/7

Luxury Facial  £55

60 min

Facial includes: Cleanse, tone, exfoliate, massage, mask & mositurise.

Express Facial £40

30 min

Perfect option for those in a hurry!

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To your doorstep 24/7

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What Our Users Are Saying

“It’s great app! Easy to use and I manage to get last minute appointments — something that wouldn’t be possible in a salon.”


What are the benefits of a facial at home?

Have you ever walked out of a wonderful you-time such as a massage or facial, to find yourself in a stressful situation just minutes from walking out of the salon? From delays on the underground to rush hour road traffic, it takes very little to project you back into reality and ruin the benefits of your recent pampering session. But what if you could receive a calming, soothing treatment, and stretch the well-being to last a few extra hours? Wouldn’t this be the ultimate indulgence? With mobile facials near me, this is now a possible option. You can book a professional mobile beauty therapist to come to your home on the Missbeez app, so you no longer have to travel to a salon and deal with all the potential inconveniences – big or small – that come with it. Busy parlours, delayed appointments or nightmare commutes are now a thing of the past, as you receive your facial on your own bed or sofa.


What is the added value of a mobile facial?

In our hectic urban lifestyles, time has become the ultimate luxury, too precious to be spent on a packed subway train or searching for this elusive parking space. As we want to reclaim our time to spend it on things that make us feel good instead of add extra stress onto our shoulders, a new type of beauty therapist is emerging, delivering doses of wellness to the location of our choosing. If I am looking for a facial near me, I can now order it directly on Missbeez so a mobile beautician will travel to me, instead of me to them. Options include an Express Facial, ideal for a quick pause in the workplace, and a Luxury Facial – complete with cleansing, toning, exfoliating, massaging and moisturising – for a longer, more glamorous treat at home. Whatever you feel like, therapists come to you, on your own schedule, on your own ground. Whether for a special occasion or just because you both deserve it, the main advantage is that once you are both relaxed from the treatment, you don’t have to walk out into the cold or into heavy traffic. You can directly roll into bed and sink into a deep, restorative sleep. This is the ideal pampering to prepare yourself for a good night and wake up the next day feeling refreshed and rested. Furthermore, as the service is being performed in your own familiar environment, you can create the ambiance you wish to suit your mood of the day, with candles, flowers, your favourite tea or your favourite music. This is your treat and you are free to set the tone and decor, from beginning to end, for a truly bespoke experience.