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The Missbeez App is a FREE, innovative, mobile platform for busy women offering lifestyle and beauty services that couldn’t be easier to use:

  1. Download the Missbeez app.
  2. Choose the desired service and Missbeez Pro based on rating, availability and location.
  3. Sit back and wait for the knock on your door!



“I didn’t know where to start… it was a slow time at my salon and Missbeez really helped me pick up the pace. My work with Missbeez has substantially increased my income, and the best part is that I can work flexible hours without having to give up the freedom of self-employment.”

Nirel Hazut, 28, Beautician

“Missbeez allows me to express myself as a professional and independent beautician while giving me full credit for my work. I love the one-on-one relationship I have with my clients and the fact that I can earn an honest living while growing professionally”.

Shelly Cohen, 38, Nail Technician

“Missbeez is great for professionals who are in the early stages of their career. When you’re just starting out, instead of waiting for the client to find you, Missbeez helps you find new clients every day.”

Anna Eisenstein, 28, Hair and Makeup Stylist

“Missbeez is simply good for business! Finally, a company that doesn’t ‘eat away’ at your cut and allows self-employed women to earn their keep! There are so many perks and benefits, they even offer free courses for professional development! Gotta love Missbeez!”

Limor Gaz, 28, Mobile Beautician

"As a single mom, my hours are not very flexible. I had a tough time making my shifts at work. Since joining Missbeez, I decide when and where I want to work."

Sara Abeman, 37, Nail Technician

"I was working long hours in a salon and making a small cut of the profits. I was hesitant to leave my salon job, but once I made the switch over the Missbeez, I actually make more money and have greater control over my schedule. I wish I had left the salon sooner."

Molly Collins, 28, Hair Stylist

"I tried to open my own company but I had a hard time finding new clients since I didn't have a lot of money to spend on advertising my business. With Missbeez, I can focus on providing the best service to the clients and let them worry about the advertising. Now I have regular work and my business keeps growing!"

Nicole Tomochin, 33, Mobile Beautician

Your treat is her success!

Missbeez connects busy women and self-employed, licensed and experienced beauty and lifestyle professionals, all of whom are carefully selected and pre-approved in order to provide you with the A-List treatment you deserve. We pride ourselves on not only giving you the very best services but also helping self-employed female professionals to grow their businesses.
Missbeez is very particular about who we work with and only the most qualified and experienced therapists are accepted. It is essential to us that not only is the service of the same quality and standards you are used to, but that you can fit in your bookings around your busy schedule. Missbeez saves you the time and hassle of having to organise an appointment so you can sit back and let the salon or spa come to you!

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Download the app and book now

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