For the professional woman who always wants to look put together and elegant, with perfect eye makeup every day, but has limited time; or for the woman who wants a natural look with minimal effort, eyelash extensions are the answer. You no longer need to spend time in the mornings applying mascara and you do not need to worry about the mascara smudging or clumping while you are applying it or later in the day. There will be no more stopping in at the ladies’ room to check your eye makeup when you are rushing off to meetings.

You have probably heard some horror stories about getting eyelash extensions, from it being painful to your natural eyelashes falling out and never growing back. We are here to tell you that these are myths and show you why these common misconceptions are not true.

Myth 1 – Your Eyelashes will Fall Out

It is actually true that your eyelashes will fall out, but this is not because of the extensions. In fact, the life cycle of a lash is about 90 days and they fall out every 4-6 weeks, naturally. You just do not usually notice them because they are short and fine. Rather than the extensions pulling out the lash, your natural lashes actually fall out and take the extensions with them.

Myth 2 – Your Eyelashes will Never Grow Back

As we mentioned above, eyelashes have a natural life cycle of falling out and then regrowing. It is only because your eyelashes always grow back that the concept of “fills” can work. Refill extensions adhere to the natural lash which means there must be a lash growing back or it would not work.

Myth 3 – Eyelash Extensions Hurt

Nothing about getting eyelash extensions should hurt. If it hurts, there is something wrong. One possibility is that the professional applying them is inexperienced and is rushing and not waiting long enough for the glue to dry between applications. Always make sure you go to an experienced professional.

Myth 4 – Your Natural Eyelashes will Get Thinner and Shorter

It does seem like once you stop getting extensions, your eyelashes are thinner and shorter than they used to be. This is just an illusion. After having long and thick extensions, it just seems like your own lashes are thin and short. The truth is that they are and always were like that – which is probably why you got the extensions in the first place.

Myth 5 – You Must Take Breaks

Eyelashes have a natural life cycle and applying extensions does not interrupt this. You can certainly take a break if you want to, but it is not necessary. As long as you are not using long-term cluster lashes and you are not using extensions that are too heavy for your lashes, your natural lashes will not experience any damage and you can re-apply new extensions whenever needed. These are more convenient than false eyelashes that need to be removed and reapplied every day and will keep you looking and feeling perfectly put together every morning.

Myth 6 – Eyelash Extensions Take a Long Time to Apply

This is not the case if you go to an experienced professional. Someone who specializes in applying eyelash extensions can take as little as an hour to apply a whole set. It can take a long time if you go to someone inexperienced – up to as long as 3 hours. For the busy working woman, it is important to use a professional who is experienced, not only to ensure your lashes look elegant, but for a quick and efficient application. Mobile eyelash extensions are a useful service that come right to your home, saving you time and hassle.

Eyelash Extensions at Your Convenience

With very little time for self-indulgence, a professional service that comes right to your home is the answer for many working women. This will allow you to keep reapplying your eyelash extensions whenever you need, without having to worry about getting to a salon, finding parking or taking time out of your work day. Extensions will allow you to have the perfect looking lashes without ever having to apply mascara, touch it up or worry about it getting smudged. If you are looking for a convenient solution to ensure beautiful and perfect eyelashes every morning, eyelash extensions, especially mobile eyelash extensions that come to your home, are just the answer.