Whether you’re in the midst of a long, stressful work week, or experiencing physical discomfort and pain, it is fairly safe to say that a massage is always tempting. It feels so good… But is massage therapy just an awesome way to relax, or are there proven health benefits to it? What is the true therapeutic value of a massage on pain, tissues, or pathologies?

While there technically aren’t any medical proofs of the actual efficacy of massages on physical health issues, one really can’t argue the benefits of massage on mood, emotions and mental health. If you’re constantly chasing the clock, running around town, caught in the hustle and bustle of city life, or spend your day sitting in front of a computer and looking after your children, you will know the joy of offering your achy back to an experienced massage therapist and let them relax your whole body. Once your body is relaxed, your mind can unwind too, allowing you to deal with the issues of daily life in a more balanced way. Don’t forget that taking a moment for yourself is not only good for the body and mind, but also for the soul.

1. More relaxation = less depression

Massage therapy reduces blood pressure, anxiety and tension, which can all lead to depression. Chronic stress increases the risk of contracting all sorts of diseases, from the most benign to the most serious, but it is also responsible for many psychological unbalances. A relaxed brain produces less cortisol and more serotonin as well as dopamine, which makes it more likely to resist the throes of depression and cope with daily stress in a more positive manner.

2. Better sleep = stronger immune system

Massage therapy also reduces insomnia, as a relaxed body has more ease falling asleep. With better sleep, not only do you have a better ability to apprehend events but you also benefit from a stronger immune system and are far less vulnerable to bugs and viruses.

3. Less pain = more gain

Massage therapy may not actually be proven to heal pain altogether, but it certainly relieves it, even if just momentarily. It therefore reduces the need for pain killers, freeing the body from unnatural substances that can in turn create unpleasant side effects. This is a great way to get through menstrual cramps, bloating, and physical fatigue once a month…

And at Missbeez, we take relaxation one step further…

The Missbeez app allows you to receive your next body massage in the comforts of your home. A mobile massage therapist travels to you with all the necessary equipment, including a massage table, towels and oils, so you don’t have to worry about anything. Before the treatment even starts, you are already relaxed, freed from considerations such as how to commute to the salon or how much time to allow to get there or park the car. No doubt, a massage at home beats a neighbourhood spa or a massage near me.

Once the massage is finished, leaving your whole body soothed and comfortable, you don’t have to get back into the reality of life straight-away, so your mind stays relaxed for longer. As Missbeez’s mobile beauticians take all the traveling upon themselves, you have no need to go outside. The children can be playing in their room or asleep in bed, and you can unwind fully, knowing they are safe and happy at home while you are being taken care of. If you have booked your massage in the evening, you can simply change into pyjamas and roll into bed. If it’s cold out, you can stay cosy on the sofa and read a book, dedicating a whole evening to yourself. And if this improves your health too, then everybody wins…