I spent £70 on a facial… that I never went to. I called to reschedule a month ago and then again two weeks ago. I called last week to reschedule again and (I’m embarrassed to admit) it simply slipped my mind and the appointment came and passed.

Was it because it was so far away? Because it was on a Saturday? Or simply because I rescheduled so many times?

I can’t make appointments before or after work because my salon is closed. Even if it was open, I have to take my kids to school in the morning so, going before work isn’t an option. I try to fit in the gym in the evening which means showering and eating dinner before I can even think about jumping over for a quick wax or manicure. Sidebar: what’s with those opening hours! That leaves Saturday. Really? The one day of the week when I can sort of, maybe get my ever-growing to-do list down to a reasonable number.

Now, I am definitely not a complainer but £70 down the drain, due to… inaccessibility? I run my own business and no part of my life is that inefficient. I’m sure yours isn’t either.

The Latest Trend in Beauty:  Beauty App That Brings the Salon To Your Home


When I found out about on-demand beauty app, Missbeez , it literally changed my life and here are seven reasons why I’ll be taking my beauty regimen in-house from now on:

1. Appointments Wherever, Whenever

Having to drive to an appointment, find parking, wait in line and finally get served is what I’ve been doing my whole life. Now, whether I’m at home, or in the office, I can book an appointment with a few swipes of my finger whenever I know I’ll have a block of free time.

2. Any Service You Need, All-In-One Place

We all have our go-to nail salon, waxing place and hair parlour but they are almost never in the same place, or even part of the city. Going to one appointment means sacrificing going to another and just means an additional booking on a different day. From mani-pedis to waxing and makeup, I can now order just about any beauty treatment I need from my phone to a location of my choosing.

3. Guaranteed Certified Beauty Professionals

No more worrying about if the certificate you see above the counter is real or if the beauticians who are grooming you are using clean tools. Beauty therapists you connect with through the app are hand-picked, personally vetted by professionals and highly experienced.

4. 100% High Quality Products (No Secret Sauce!)

Have you ever had the experience of walking into a nail salon to find no brand names and being forced to choose between “undefined blueish green” and “winter-looking ice blue”? How did they get to this colour – by combining 5 different polishes? We may never know. But, with on-demand beauty apps like Missbeez, OPI, Essie, CND Shellac and all of your other favourites are the standard.

5. No Need to Pay in Cash

Isn’t it the worst when you forget to bring cash and only at the end of an appointment notice “Cash Only” by the register? You have to run out to try and find the closest ATM. Paying by credit card on-the-spot is just another way in which an on-demand beauty app save you time and effort. You can even tip them on the app… You never need to worry about having cash on you.

6. Virtual Booking… Read: No More Phone Calls

So I know I mentioned the whole no cash thing but as a busy mom, running my own business, there’s no way that I have time for such a thing as “hold” or “can I call you back.” When I actually do find the time to book an appointment I need to make it right then. Thankfully virtual booking has peeled back another layer of difficulty in the old way of accessing beauty services and now I can book whenever I want.

7. Rating Services to Help Others Choose the Right Professional for Them

Sure there’s Google Reviews and various apps that a business can put on their website but, when it comes down to it, don’t you trust your friends the most? With peer reviews on services and beauticians, it’s the best way to ensure that you are getting what you pay for and that you’ll be satisfied with the service. Not to mention, when you add a review, it’ll help others find what they need. Karma and all.


So What is this Life-Changing On-Demand Beauty App? It’s Missbeez

With Missbeez, you can order a variety of beauty services whenever and wherever you want. For an on-the-go mom or working woman (or both!) this is not only a time saver but something that is so basic, you’ll never realize why you used to call a landline, book an appointment and physically go to another location. Missbeez allows you to select the time and location of your appointment, sending in vetted, carefully-selected beauty professionals to get you looking and feeling great in no time.

I don’t know about you, but I’m never throwing away £70 again. It’s on-demand beauty apps all the way.


To start enjoying on demand beauty services at home, download Missbeez.

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