If you always dreamed of having your own business, you should go for it! And to help you get the best start in your entrepreneurship, here are a few tips from Missbeez to help you conquer your customers’ hearts!

  • First of all, you need to define your business and your brand. Ask yourself these very simple questions: Who are you? What are you offering to your customers? What is your added value compared to your competitors? If you answered those 3 questions, you’re on the right path!
  • Understand your customer: Selling is just like dating! In order to attract your customer, you need to understand what he / she is looking for, what will make them choose you and see how you can make their lives easier & better! You also need to know your competition and see how you stand out! Be thorough! There are so many things you can learn about what you need to do, as well as not to do, just by watching what goes on around you!
  • Create your own identity (brand)! Branding is all about who you are and how people see you. Don’t hesitate to be the face of your business. After all, you are the main asset to this business, so use it! Don’t be shy to use your name and your picture, especially if you are in direct contact with your customers. You also need a clear visual identity, such as a logo and a graphic identity (for example a special font, a tagline, specific colors, etc.).
  • Be creative: In order to stand out from competition, don’t hesitate to develop new ways to attract your customers, whether it would be with new services, innovative products or even a new approach to what you sell and how you sell it. Thinking outside of the box can be one of your assets in growing a successful business.
  • Develop a relationship with your customers: A business needs to have short, medium and long term visions. In order to build a lasting relationship with your customers, you need to make sure they’re satisfied with your services and offer them incentives to come back to you again. You can create loyalty programs, reward systems, etc. To be able to reach them in the future, you can also use social media or a website as easy ways to communicate with them and remind them who you are. That way, you will also make it easy for them to share your services with their friends or family and spread the word!
  • Stay focused & organized! Opening your own business is a process that sometimes can take time before becoming profitable. In order to stay focused, prepare to-do-lists with tasks you need to get done every day. Give yourself a reasonable amount of tasks per day not to be overwhelmed. Remember, this is a marathon, not a sprint! Also, keep track of all your expenses, income, inventory, etc. Document everything in a neat and clear organizing system, so when you will need to find a specific piece of information, you will have easy access to it. This will avoid future panic attacks when you can’t find important documents!

In conclusion, opening your own business is a very exciting project and even if it won’t be easy every day, don’t forget to enjoy the journey and stay focused. With these tips, you should already be on the path to greatness!


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